pocket spring mattress

pocket spring mattress

Set the basis for a restful sleep, so that you are perfectly prepared for the demands of everyday life. The mattress Breckle Classic Spring offers you the best sleeping comfort! Thanks to a core of 480 springs (100/200 cm) and the seven lying zones, which fit perfectly to your body and offer optimal support for the lumbar and pelvic area, you will sleep well!

Pockets for high comfort

The spring-loaded spring mattress Breckle Classic Spring ensures excellent comfort. Due to its structure, a pocket-spring core mattress has good air circulation and ensures optimal removal of moisture from the outside. This is supported by the comfort mattress on both sides of the mattress, each about 4 cm high. The foam with a compressive hardness of 48 optimally supports the spine and facilitates the entry and exit.
This property is rounded off by the snugly double towel cover, which has been quilted with aloe vera and climate fibers. The cover itself is easily removable by a four-sided zipper and washable at up to 60 ° C – but not suitable for dryers. Please note that the mattress is not suitable for allergy sufferers.

Restful sleep – produced in Germany

The pocket spring core mattress made in Germany is 22 cm thick and has a hardness of H3. The 90 x 200 cm mattress with up to 130 kg can be loaded. We give a guarantee to the core ten years. You can use the mattress on both sides and it is also suitable for adjustable slatted frames.

The structure

A spring mattress is sold as a single piece and placed on a slatted grating at home, in order to optimally ventilate it and to fully utilize its spring elasticity. The special feature of this kind of mattress is its inner life: in a pocket-spring-core mattress, steel springs are wrapped in pockets. This single packaging unit looks like a small bin, hence the name of the tonneau spring mattress. These units enable a point-adjustable adjustment to the body of the lying person. And that in every sleeping position. If, for example, we turn into the lateral position, the load on the respective springs also changes. Where pressure is applied, the springs are compressed. Feathers lying alongside maintain their normal position and support the body in the current sleeping position.

Unlike the normal spring-core mattresses (Twin XL mattress) the pocket spring cores swing less. The sleeping position feels much quieter and more stable – this is especially advantageous for restless sleepers or persons with a light sleep.

Depending on personal weight, a distinction is made between degrees of hardness. But here again, personal perception is a thing of the past. If you are a 100 kg heavy man better on a mattress of hardness 2, then choose the model.

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